Research Output

The LMMFS is a project that relies on the collection of data from firms. For this process of data collection the project relies on data being obtained through face to face interactions with high level respondents in establishments. A questionnaire is used for this purpose. 

Our final survey questionnaire is composed of 3 modules that are targeting 3 distinct experts in the establishments: the CEO/MD; the Finance Manager; and, the HR Manager. Our questionnaire is long, seeking a 360 degree view of establishments but contains questions that would be of interest to a wider community of researchers and decision-makers. Our questionnaire serves our specific purposes but can be adapted for other needs.

This particular questionnaire version has its origins in the 2002/2003 World Bank Manufacturing firm questionnaire undertaken first in the greater Gauteng Manufacturing Area and then in the greater Durban Manufacturing Area. It has been progressively improved in 2013.

We are grateful for feedback provided by numerous people who have spent some time in helping to improve it progressively. This was no mean task and the team would like to give special thanks to Professor Dave Kaplan at UCT and to Mr Brian O’Leary from eThekwini Municipality for their detailed feedback on particular versions of the questionnaire. In turn, this questionnaire has benefitted from being piloted in many forms in 2013 before the adoption of this final version.

Collecting data is time consuming. As the data are progressively collected they are analysed. Proper data analysis also requires time. As the survey is nearing completion the researchers are hoping to have some data results available towards the end of 2014. However the database will only be placed in the public domain in 2015.

We would welcome feedback on the questionnaire (which can be downloaded below). Please contact Myriam Velia at

Below please find a copy of a presentation by Imraan Valodia, Myriam Velia and Glen Robbins